Artificial Rocks & Waterfalls - Fiberglass, GFRC, Shotcrete, Cement/Concrete/Mortar, Styrofoam, Polyurethane, Paper Mache & More

Realistic Rock Textures

Our prefab rock panels are molded from real cliffs so every detail is replicated. Our rocks are lightweight yet very strong. Perfect for exhibitions and landscaping. Our artists can paint the rocks to a realistic finish.

We're Flexible.

We are able to mold and recreate many different surfaces including tree bark, ice, metal, brick, rock, and more . Combined with greenery, these artificial rocks make an excellent addition to unique environments such as green roofs, backyard resorts, retail displays in the outdoor apparel industry, museums, hotels, malls, and more!

We're Creative.

Our hand-crafted lightweight GRP (glass reinforced plastic or plaster) rocks with a hollow underside. These very realistic creations are suitable for display use and landscaping where access is difficult and weight restrictions apply. We can build anything virtually anywhere in Canada, USA, and abroad.


Built On-Site As Quick As 3 Days! Average 2-3 Weeks

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated team is able to assist you with creating your dream waterfall feature.

Water Features Vancouver

Made using a blend of natural and synthetic materials. The tough kevlar-like backed membranes offers the most realistic look and texture on the market.

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Backyard Pool Rock Waterfalls

Very lightweight without weight restrictions. Build massive waterfalls at scale in less time with smaller crews and with less mess.

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Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Want a natural looking waterfall inside your home without weight issues or a big mess? We build lightweight and durable rock waterfalls that can be designed to fit any space.

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Choose your Rocky Waterfall. All Features Are Built From Scratch.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical experience and advice.

Custom Waterfalls

Any place, any size
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  • Spillway Waterfalls
  • Control Sound Level
  • Built On Site
  • Custom Hand Made


Miniature Resort Pondless Waterfall
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  • Increase Property Value
  • Custom Fitted Any Space
  • Lightweight Easy To Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty
Artificial rocks - molded from real rocks...

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